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Q:  Who is web master/main contact for this site?

A:  This web site is owned and maintained by Rob Ross (that would be me).

Q:  Who owns Synchronic Entertainment?  Are you part of another company?  Who does your distribution?

A:  I am the sole proprietor.  While it would be nice to have greater financial backing other than my own (and that's minimal, at best), I would prefer to stay this course for the time being.  I have viable distribution networks (i.e. The Orchard, CD Baby, etc.). and this has helped move considerable units for The Punch Line's CD.

Q:  Have you recorded any new material?

A:  Not as much or as quickly as I would have liked, I hate to admit.  What I have done to this point I do feel good about, though.

Q:  Which album are you working on?

A:  The Next Sometime Soon is the focus.  But...  I do have a more-band oriented project in mind.

Q:  Can you tell us?

A:  Yes, it would be under the moniker of Beat City Confidential.

Q:  Who is in this band?

A:  I can't say yet until it's a solid go.  But it's looking hopeful!

Q:  What are you listening to these days?

A:  There isn't one particular band, although I've found myself going back to my childhood and listening to a lot of the rock music I grew up with - and favored - in the '70's. 

Q:  If you could play alongside anyone, who would it be?

A:  Since I'm a realist, I'll tell you who I'd love to work with--Frank Giannini and Richard Barone, two of the ex-Bongos.  Nick Celeste, who has a remarkable voice and a warm acoustic guitar touch.  Tom Shad, who amongst many other things, played bass in Dumptruck.

Q:  Do you still have any contact with the other members of The Punch Line?

A:  No, unfortunately.  The last one I was in touch with was Chris Collins, the drummer, but that was maybe two years ago.

Q:  Do you think there will ever be a Punch Line reunion?

A:  I don't know.  I doubt any of the others would be interested.  But if you had everyone on board, I'd do it. 

Q:  Do you have a favorite Punch Line or Rob Ross solo song?

A:  I think probably "Train Of Thought" is my overall Punch Line-era favorite.  Since my solo album isn't done yet, I haven't got one - but there are several songs that I do like.

Q:  What's next besides recording?

A:  I continue my writing for Popdose and Rock NYC Live & Recorded.  My plate's full with that - interviews; articles; album, book and film reviews.  I love it - it's  been one of the most artistically rewarding things I've ever done.  I will also be making a guest appearance at the request of a well-known musician and joining him on stage.  It will be at his upcoming show on Staten Island; it's an honor and a thrill to do this.

Q:  This is very exciting!  Can you tell us who? 

A:  No - at least not until the date is confirmed.  But I will, I promise!

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