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January 2008: 



The first announcement of the new year: "Last Stop On The Arlington Line", the "solo" debut of Rob Ross, ex-singer/guitarist/songwriter for The Punch Line, will be released in the coming months. Recording is underway with 12 or 14 tracks, all original material. There will be guest musicians joining Rob and this looks to be (in Rob's own words) "an even more focused project than the album I did with The Punch Line. The difference here is that there are less people to please and these songs reflect the here and now."

The album will be released on the Spin Cycle/Synchronic Entertainment imprint. Please check back for release date information, along with track listings, etc.

April 2009:  You can now reach me/check out what I'm up to regularly on Facebook!  Just type in my full name (Robert L. Ross) and there I am, along with... 

Video footage of The Punch Line, live at The Hook!  You can see it now on this website, Facebook, YouTube and even MySpace!  Many thanks to Chris Collins (drummer, The Punch Line) for his valuable assistance in helping me finally get these items available and uploaded.  I'm in the process of loading new (old) photos and making improvements to this site.  As you can see, I've now added a Media page to hold the video footage and mp.3's.

On the artistic front, I've been writing songs for and producing Lonneke, an exciting, new singer from Haledon, New Jersey.  It's a thrill to have been asked to work with her and I'm having a blast doing something completely different!

May 2009:  Added new items to check out (blogs, bands, etc.) to the Links page.  The first version of "Wild Skies" is now on the Media page in mp.3 form.  This was recorded before Bob joined the band in June, 2004.  I will continue to find and post "interesting" musical artifacts very shortly.

May 2010:  If you go to the Media page, you will find a previously unseen piece of video footage shot at Chris Collins' home in November, 2003; it is the one and only time that the original four members of The Punch Line had reunited.  This is a very nice unplugged version of the legendary "lost" second single, "Well Of Loneliness".  Have also joined YouLicense, a music licensing/sales service, which I'm certain will help increase sales and exposure for the new album as well as the back catalog; keep your eyes on their site.  Finally, have added tracks to the Discography page for Last Stop...

January 2011:  I have decided to put "Last Stop..." on hold as I have written a slew of new songs that I don't think would fit the original vision I had for that project.  Some of these new songs may go to The Punch Line; otherwise, I have a different album planned, provisionally titled "The Next Sometime Soon".  Amongst these songs would be "Wash Away", "Bed Of Thorns", "She Can Hear The Angels Calling", "The Next Sometime Soon" and the highly personal (and by some, eagerly anticipated) "Don't Worry Baby, I'm Not Your Victim".  The latter will soon be up on this site in its demo form, recorded at Synchronic East.

April 2012:  As you can see, new photos at last; a first test shoot for "The Next Sometime Soon" was done at Synchronic East in March, 2012; it was a lot of fun and I certainly felt at ease in front of the camera.  Check out some of my favorites on the Photos page. There's much more to come as I start to get down to work on the new music.  Speaking of which, I have been in contact with some incredible musicians who have expressed in interest in working with me and I will not say more than that as I don't want to jinx anything!  But it would be a thrill and a great experience.  So we will see, with an optimistic eye on the near-future.  I also added yet another new addition to the arsenal, a non-reverse Gibson Firebird, thus moving further into my own "rock" roots!

March 2013:  It's been an incredibly busy year; I'm not certain where to start or how much to add to this news page!  The essentials:  As of last April, I am writing/contributing regularly to Caught In The Carousel, an online music journal as a Senior Editor.  You will find interviews I've done with musicians I respect, articles and record/live shows/movie reviews.  It's both an honor and a thrill to be doing this and it's been a joy. 

I have continued to write new material and assemble the musicians I would like to work with under the guise of the BEAT CITY CONFIDENTIAL...  It's all happening - swing it!

New Q & A on the F.A.Q., etc. page.

I have been asked to perform with a certain musician at his upcoming show on Staten Island.  I will post the details when it is confirmed...

You can now purchase copies of The Punch Line's " get to the other side" through PayPal on the Merchandise page.

I will be moving house in October, so activities will cease temporarily as Synchronic East is dismantled. 

I have put up a few photos from our pilgrimage to Memphis last summer (on the Photos page) - a musical dream come true!

May 2013:  As of the end of April 2013, I have concluded my writing stint with Caught In The Carousel.  Going forward, my music articles, interviews, etc. will appear in other forums  on the 'net - I will keep you apprised with links via my Facebook page.  You will also find these articles posted on Manic Rob Thrill.

October 2013:  Synchronic East has once again shifted locations, to a bigger space!  I know I've been lax in keeping things updated, but it's been a very busy time!  Also, look for my regular features on Popdose and Rock NYC, where I've been contributing since May.

January 2015:  A VERY long time since I've updated this website or even added news - to which I apologize profusely.  A very, very hectic time.  Here is the latest - all of it very good news:

- Synchronic East has been upgraded with a 32-track digital recording system
- more guitars have been added to the "arsenal"
- new songs have been written, thus making The Next Sometime Soon a living, breathing and growing project.  Some songs from the "start period" have been jettisoned, etc.
- I have been doing (and continue to do) a regular, Monday night (broadcast on Tuesday morning) spot with CBS St. Louis' "Overnight America With Jon Grayson", which has been no less than a total joy and pleasure.  I get to speak about music, books, films, etc. and I love it!
- My writing as an Editor for Popdose continues to thrive, as well as writing for Rock NYC - Live And Recorded and now ReBeat as well.
- Some of my own tracks, as well as The Punch Line's, are available now on my Soundcloud page
- The Punch Line album is available to hear/download on Spotify
- I will be updating the equipment list and the F.A.Q.'s as well as looking into overhauling the visual content/layout of the site as well

November 2015:  Ye gods, but time has gone fast.  Aside from the writing for Popdose, Rock NYC, ReBeat and "Overnight America", I have been doing some intermittent consulting work for various musicians while trying to continue working on the songs for The Next Sometime Soon.

You'll find the equipment list updated with a lot of new, cool and helpful (most important) additions and upgrades.

Starting in January 2016, as if I wasn't doing enough (!), you can add "podcasting" as I start to host my own show - talking about music, books, movies and whatever comes to mind.  It'll be free-form and without any kind of scripting.  You'll be able to find it here, once it goes live!

Exciting times, to be sure!

July 2016:  It's been another indescribably busy period but the BIG NEWS is that after 25 years, the unreleased/planned second single from The Punch Line (the original 4-piece line-up), "Well Of Loneliness" has now been released!  By request of D.W. Dunphy, the director/overseer/producer of The Co-Op Communique series of compilations featuring independent musicians, the 1991 track that never saw the light of day has now been given a home and a national airing on "The Co-Op Communique Volume 2" along with artists like Lisa Mychols, Mike Indest, Justin Vellucci and others.  It's both an honor and a thrill to have the song finally released and to be amongst these fine performers.  Go here to listen and for more information.

Please keep checking back for more news...



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