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Synchronic Entertainment was founded in 1983 by Rob Ross (guitar/vox), along with Marc Treboschi (guitar/vox) as an outlet for their band, Two Minutes Hate (who eventually morphed into The Punch Line).  The label's initial releases were the band's Love, Hate and Social Criticism (1983, cassette-only), and Seconds, Time Signatures and Strings (1984) e.p.'s.
With the release of The Punch Line's debut single, "The Wild Flowers" c/w "Faster Than I Like" in January 1988, Synchronic Records was a full-fledged record label.  Aside from issuing The Punch Line's single and the 2006 "reunion" album, get to the other side, it is with ambition and hope that Synchronic will release other artists under its banner.


ROB ROSS:  True Confessions

Full Name:  Robert Louis Ross
Date of Birth:  January 7, 1965
Status:  Married, no children - 2 cats
Birthplace:  Brooklyn, NY
Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
Instruments:  guitars/bass/keyboards/harmonica/autoharp/Irish tin whistle/sitar/banjo/various percussion
Favorite Food:  Indian/Mexican/Italian
Favorite Drink:  Cappuccino/Bass ale
Non-musical interests:  Gym, Sahaja Yoga, reading, music, art, photography, cooking, cats, Mac/web design, writing, politics, hockey, baseball, movies

Music:    Beatles/Who/Big Star/Small Faces/Monkees/Lovin' Spoonful/Pink Floyd/Buzzcocks/Undertones/Bongos/dB's/R.E.M./Minutemen...  and countless others

Solo artists:    Donovan/Richard Barone/Chris Stamey/Tom Robinson 
Favorite Song:    Paperback Writer - The Beatles/Armenia City In The Sky - The Who/Wednesday Week - The Undertones/Start! - The Jam
Favorite Album:    Revolver - The Beatles/Sell Out - The Who/
#1 Record - Big Star/Sound Affects - The Jam/Murmur - R.E.M.
Most Memorable Concert:  That Petrol Emotion at The Ritz - November, 1987.  The best and most powerful band I've ever seen.
Favorite Films:  Quadrophenia/The Long Good Friday/The Kids Are Alright/Trainspotting/Head/Excalibur/Glengarry Glen Ross/The Big Lebowski
Recent favorites:  There Will Be Blood/Ghost World/Superbad/Knocked Up/Clerks...  as with music, far too many to list

Favorite T.V. Shows:    The Monkees/The Munsters/The Flintstones
For modern shows:  Mad Men/Dexter/Sons Of Anarchy/Man vs. Food/Clean House...  was a fan of The Shield and Brotherhood
Favorite Books:    Down And Out In Paris And London - George Orwell/The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - Robert Tressell/Autobiography Of A Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda/Frontman - Richard Barone
Heroes:  George Orwell/D. Boon/Krsna

BIOGRAPHY (originally from Wikipedia)

Rob Ross (born January 7, 1965 in Brooklyn, New York) is a singer/songwriter/musician. He is best known for his work with the late '80's alternative pop band, The Punch Line.
Growing up in the New York City suburb of Staten Island, he joined local political-punk band The Common Cause, who immediately became cult favorites Two Minutes Hate (name taken from Orwell's 1984).  Although short-lived (1983 - 1985), T.M.H. built a quick reputation for aggressive, exciting and (somewhat) confrontational performances.  While he was studying for his degree at Manhattan's Pace University, Rob wrote half of Two Minutes Hate's debut album as well as most of the tracks for two extended-play releases, Love, Hate & Social Criticism (their debut) and Seconds, Time Signatures & Strings, which received much local radio airplay.  
Two Minutes Hate dissolved in late 1985, but along with T.M.H. bass guitarist, Marc Treboschi, Rob assembled The Punch Line by May, 1986.  Joining this band were Carl Treboschi (older brother of Marc), who came in on bass, while Marc moved over to guitar and drummer Chris Collins (ex-Mod Fun), who had been a friend of Two Minutes Hate and sometime drummer for an offshoot project with Rob Ross and Marc Treboschi.  Taking their name from the debut album by The Minutemen, The Punch Line were an altogether different affair from Two Minutes Hate, with melodic, crafted pop songs and rich vocal harmonies.  Often looked upon as "The Beatles meet The Buzzcocks", The Punch Line very quickly garnered college radio airplay with the release of their debut 45, "The Wild Flowers" in January, 1988.  While recording the first attempted version of their debut album, the band quietly dissolved.
Reconvening in 1991, The Punch Line picked up where they left off, with shows, recording sessions and the promise of success looming ahead.  However, tensions again took their toll on the band due to the pressure of not getting to that next level.  After more sessions were completed for the album (the tapes were languishing at this point for three years), the band went their separate ways.  They did, however, make an appearance on the R.E.M. tribute album Surprise Your Pig, with their version of "Bandwagon".
Rob Ross then went on to briefly join another band, Smile, who released one e.p., then split due to Rob's lack of interest.  Citing "a band-by-numbers doesn't work", he turned his back on performing and concentrated on working within the music industry, where he had assumed a management position with a major label.
Solo appearances on the Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes tribute compilation series, Interpreters, brought Rob back to recording on a regular basis (in this instance, playing all the instruments himself).
After a twelve-year gap, The Punch Line reformed (albeit with a slightly changed line-up) in May, 2004.  They returned to playing live and completed a re-recorded version of the "lost"/"legendary" get to the other side, which was released via the Synchronic Entertainment imprint, in April, 2006.
In July, 2006, Rob quit The Punch Line, feeling there was nothing more left for the band creatively.  At the beginning of 2008, a debut solo album, Last Stop On The Arlington Line, was due to be released; however, in the spring of 2012, The Next Sometime Soon, a  collection of recently-written songs, was announced instead.  This album is now in progress.

Aside from his previous musical pursuits, Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York City's Pace University.  He majored in Psychology and Human Relations with training in counseling and public relations.  While he's no longer involved on a day-to-day basis in music or the "formal" music industry, he still has many close friends from that period and always looks forward to seeing them for a "nice meal, good wine and great conversation." 

Rob Ross currently lives in Staten Island, New York with his wife and their cats.

TASCAM DP-32SD digital 32-track Portastudio (current)
Casio WK-245 keyboard (current)
Pyle PRO-TED01 electronic drums (current)
Fender Jaguar (current)
Silvertone 1448 (current)
Danelectro '59 M-NOS (current)
Hofner Beatle bass (current)
Taylor 150E 12-string acoustic-electric (current)
Airline '59 Coronado (current)
Gretsch Electromatic 5122 (current)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (current)

Gibson non-reverse Firebird (current)
Gibson Les Paul TV Yellow Special (current)

Gibson SG  (current)
Epiphone Casino (current)
Rickenbacker 330 WB (current)
12-string Guild G-212 acoustic (current)
Fender Jazz bass (current)

Casiotone MT-500 mini-synth

Fender Squier '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Squier Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster 
Gibson Les Paul Junior

Rickenbacker 360B 12-string

12-string Madera acoustic with DiMarzio pick up
12-string Washburn EA912B acoustic-electric (current)

Roland JC-120 amp
Yamaha reverb processing unit
Yamaha overdrive
DOD delay, flanger, distortion and phaser boxes


An endless amount of thanks must be given to certain parties for their never-ending faith, encouragement, kindness and love, so here 'tis:

Elizabeth Ross - for everything
Valerie Sanns - for everything else
Marc Allan - for being an inspiration (and my hero since we were kids)
Jennifer Butrymowicz - for being part of it all

Sydney Sanns/Zach Sanns/Leslie Allan-Rice/Alicia Orsini-Johnson/Jason Wolfe/Roland Chowfatt/Jimmy Lee/Loretta Geary/Jonathan Hill/Stephanie Roberts/Rob Eberhardt/Keith Lyle/Richard Barone/Nick Celeste/Ray "Captain Sensible" Burns/Chena Life/Doug Jacobson/Sheena Rodriguez/Hyla Urbany/Alirio Guerrero/Michael Krugman/Nevin Martell/Sarah Factor/Geoff Kessell/Frank Giannini/Jody Stephens/Jimmy Stephens, Jr./Van Duren/Vicki Loveland/Jeff Giles/Will Harris/Jon Grayson

I'm sure there are many I've left out inadvertently, so if I've forgotten you, please don't be shy! 

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