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With TWO MINUTES HATE (1983 - 1985):

LOVE, HATE & SOCIAL CRITICISM (cassette-only E.P. release) - 12/83, Synchronic SYN 001

I'm Always In Your Shadow/Cynthia Cross/Faces/Adrienne

WHAT HAVE WE GOT? - 8/84, Synchronic 002 (unreleased - withdrawn)

Stand In Light/(Tell Me) Why Don't I Smile/Perfect Setting For A Third World War/Faces (2nd version)/Under Two Flags/Ebb & Flow/Ephemeral Youth/Streets & Corners/In The Soil/Stop - Start/Dashed Hopes/All Our Yesterdays/Bless The Reason Why/Everybody's Dancing/Search For Reality/Adrienne (2nd version)

also recorded during these sessions:  Substitute

- 12/84, Synchronic SYN 003

I'm Always In Your Shadow (2nd version)/Laughter Is Our Passion/Keeping It All Together/Closer Than Close

tracks known to exist from between 1983 - 1985:  Thought Crimes/Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Over, Out/Red Ambulance/Up Against It/Yesterday's Dead/Imaginary Friend/Saturday's Party/Stupidity (Is A Life Sentence)/Hello Bob

With THE PUNCH LINE (1986 - 1988, 1991 - 1992, 2004 - 2006):

The Wild Flowers b/w Faster Than I Like - 1/88, Synchronic 10-4-7600

also recorded during these sessions:  Blue Suede Shoes


tracks recorded for 1st attempt at " get to the other side", 1/88:  Just One Night/Perfect Setting For A Third World War (Punch Line version)/(Tell Me) Why Don't I Smile (Punch Line version)/There Is No Love In Our Hearts/Consequences/Train Of Thought/Second Time Around/Disillusioned/World Of Their Fathers/Everybody Knows/Always The Same/Ambivalent World/No Answer/Christine

tracks recorded for 2nd attempt at " get to the other side", 7/91:
Let It Go/Well Of Loneliness/Clean/Everyday/Sooner Than Now/The Sweetest Revenge/This Heaven/Crowning Glory/Just To Hurt You/Wild Skies/Head Ache/Psycho Skating/Grind

also recorded during these sessions:  The Bulrushes

Bandwagon - from the Staplegun Records release Surprise Your Pig:  A Tribute To R.E.M. - 2/92, Staplegun SG-001CD

- 5/06, Synchronic SYN 005

Tearing Me Apart/Wild Skies (2nd version)/Beauty Lies/Second Time Around (2nd version)/Train Of Thought (3rd version)/Puppet Master/Someone/Bitter Sweet/Inside/Let It Go (2nd version)

With SMILE (1993):

SPLENDID - 9/93, Staplegun SG-003CD

American Top 40/The Moon Fell Down/T.V. & Sympathy/Talk To Me, Tanya/I'm A Woman and She's A Man

also recorded during these sessions:  Robyn Hitchcock's Clothes

solo work:

Books - from the Cope Carnival Records release Interpreters Vol. 1:  Tiny Children - 9/98, Cope Carnival CC 001
Treason -  from the Cope Carnival Records release Interpreters Vol. 2:  Second Heads - 9/99, Cope Carnival CC 002


Also recorded:  The Greatness and Perfection Of Love

Volume 4:  Bandy's First Jump/Try, Try, Try/Colours Fly Away/Laughing Boy - due 2008

The debut solo album:
LAST STOP ON THE ARLINGTON LINE (to be released, 2008) SYN 007 - ON HOLD
Please note:  this is not the final track listing or running order:  Savannah Sunrise/Stand In The River/Wake Up The Neighbors/She Is The Light/Rose Tattoo/Serena/Wooden Days/Tower Hill (Island In The Sun)/Pull Down The Walls/Reclamations & Tides/Take It Or Leave It/Egocentrifuge/Competition

Projected tracks include:  Wash Away/Bed Of Thorns/Best Thing/Don't Worry Baby, I'm Not Your Victim/The Next Sometime Soon/Alchemy

THE COOP COMMUNIQUE VOLUME 2 - April 1, 2016, various artists
Includes "Well Of Loneliness" by The Punch Line, from the October 1991 I.A.R. sessions

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